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Discontinued Chalet Shingles

The Chalet is a type of shingle roofing product that was manufactured by the Roofing Corporation from the late 90’s to 2010. When the Chalet was produced, its unique design allowed it to be recognized as an upgraded architectural shingle, but really it was nothing more than your basic 3-tab shingle. To go along with the unique design, the company also promised a 30 year limited transferrable warranty.

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Product Defects

Within just a few years of the Chalet being installed on homes, homeowners and building owners noticed a high rate of granule loss on their shingles. Gutters and downspouts became clogged with granules and the shingles began to blister and crack. Not long after this happened, the shingles began peeling and flying off the roofs they were installed on during moderate wind and rain storms. The Roofing Corporation denied that the shingle was defective, but ultimately stopped producing it not long after the first reports of premature deterioration came through.

Chalet shingles have been DISCONTINUED. Furthermore, despite the promise of a 30 year limited transferrable warranty, a number of consumers who attempted to contact the company say that customer service is insufficient. As a result, customers who were promised a long-lasting, quality product are left in a situation where they are forced to foot the bill for a new roof soon after having new shingles installed.

In late 2013, several lawsuits against were consolidated into one class action alleging concealment of defects, unsupported marketing claims and breach of warranty.

Unlocking the Insurance Code: How to Get Your Roof Replaced

There are some little known facts about how insurance companies must respond when it comes to covering your home. For one, if you file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance and the adjuster finds damage, your insurance company must repair or replace the damaged areas using “like kind and quality”. This presents a problem when it comes to the Chalet shingle, because the shingle was so unique and “innovative”, insurance companies are not able to repair the discontinued product with anything else…there simply is not anything else like it according to ITEL (a leading product and materials research firm).

Due to the fact “there simply is not anything else like it”, your insurance company is not allowed to repair your roof with a product that is not of like kind and quality. As a result, if your insurance company determines your roof has been damaged by a storm, they must replace the ENTIRE ROOF. They may not simply repair your roof no matter how minimal the damage is.

Our Position on Chalet Shingles

t is the position of Platinum Roofing and Exteriors and the Georgia Insurance Commissioner that your insurance company should replace your entire roof if you have any amount of storm damage on your Chalet shingle roof. We have strong relationships with several insurance providers due to our honest approach to assessing storm-damaged roofs. We are more than happy to provide you with a free in-depth inspection of your roof to determine if you have an Chalet shingle. After the inspection, if it is found that you have storm damage on your roof, we will upgrade you to a lifetime 50-year architectural shingle roof system.

Granule Loss

Shingle Blistering

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