Wind damage on your home’s exterior can be a major problem. It can lead to leaks or destroy your roofing, neither of which is a fun dilemma to deal with. Here are a few signs you can check for to see if wind damage has wreaked havoc on your home.

Shingle Disfiguration and Lifting

Lifted shingles occur when wind pulls individual pieces or segments of shingles up from their nails. This can cause the sealant that lives between each shingle layer to break, leading to further home damage like leaks. Other problems you’ll want to note are curled or damaged shingles, as well as ones that have lost their granulation.

Missing Shingles

Obviously, if you have any shingles that are just plain gone, you can bet on wind damage as the culprit. You’ll want to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Damaged Chimney 

You’ll want to pay close attention to your chimney flashing for this one. That’s the metal that connects your exposed chimney to your roof. If it’s damaged or missing any pieces, take it as a sign of wind damage. If other parts of your chimney are damaged, that’s also worth noting.

Gutter Backup

Because shingles can fall apart during high winds, you may find a backup of granules from the roofing materials in your gutter. Take this as a noteworthy sign of wind damage to your roof and exterior.

Leaks in Your Home

Check to see if there’s water coming into your home. See if the leak is coming from the roof (this one’s pretty easy; if you live in a rancher or are on the second floor or attic, it’s a safe bet).