For the sake of your family—and your sanity—keeping a well-maintained roof is key. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways things can go awry up there, so you’ll want to stay vigilant about the signs of roof damage.


Here’s a handful of signs to keep on your radar for a healthy roof and a happy home.


1. Bits of Shingle in the Gutter

Certain types of shingles can fall apart with old age. If you find a large amount of granules in your gutters, this means the roof needs some TLC.


2. Peeling Paint on the Home’s Exterior

Humidity near your home’s roofline can lead to peeling paint and a failing roof. Even though it’s not directly related to your shingles, peeling paint is something to look out for.


3. Stains on the Inside

Even the inside of your home can be a determining factor. Are there stains on the ceiling or the walls?


4. Spiked Energy Bills

If your roof is on the decline, your energy bills may get the brunt of it. Keep an eye out for unaccounted for spikes in cost.


5. Mold in the Corners

This means moisture is seeping into places it shouldn’t be. Don’t let mold like this lead to rot and degradation of your roof system.


Hesitation Can Lead to Disaster

Whatever signs you come across, the quality of your roof is not something to mess around with. Ignore the minutiae and you could end up with a lot more damage than you ever imagined. With perks like free inspections from Platinum Roofing & Exteriors, we want you to know there’s no reason to delay on keeping your roof—and your home—up and running.