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If your gutters are leaking or pulling away from the eaves, then it is probably time to have them inspected and repair if needed. A house without a gutter system or a gutter system that is not functioning properly could sustain a variety of problems.

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Platinum’s installation technician will explain how gutter cleaning systems work, the various types of systems available and provide you with advice for restoring or replacing your existing gutter system. Platinum uses seamless gutter systems which minimize or eliminate damage to your foundation, exterior walls and landscaping caused by uncontrolled water runoff. Seamless gutter systems reduce the possibility of dry rot, mildew, oxidation, corrosion, insect infestation and soil erosion. When properly installed, seamless gutters will not rust, leak, corrode and never need painting. When properly maintained, your new gutter system should function properly for a lifetime.

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